Day 124- Cabin in the cave

Day 124- Cabin in the cave

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5 Responses to Day 124- Cabin in the cave

  1. Great scene! I’ve been checking out your work and lately have been interested in speed painting. But my first attempt wasn’t quite what i thought it would look like
    How do you speed paint? is it done digitally or by hand?

    • Puddy Muddle says:

      Thank you 🙂 I must admit the onlyu way to gret better at doing them is to keep trying. Somedays it takes quite a few attempts to have a half decent finished picture, But then some days you get it straight away. So just keep practising and learning and you’ll get it eventually. Im still nowhere near the standard i want to be but only started doing this at the start of the year and have improved significantly since then 🙂

      Most of mine are digital on a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet But there are a few pen drawings when ive been stuck at work or something 🙂

      • Thanks! I’ve been trying to use Wacom also, but mine doesn’t have a screen.
        I was just wondering what kind of programs you would use and stuff. Right now I’m trying to use GIMP, however, I have to mess around with the brush settings quite a bit before I get what I want. And I’m not sure whether to make the brush transparent or not.

      • Puddy Muddle says:

        Yeah mine is also one of the ones without a screen, which took some getting used to. I mainly use Adobe Photoshop but sometimes Flash is a nice program for cartoons and (when im not doodling , Animation) I dont know much about GIMP but Photoshop has infinite brushes so you should have any trouble geting one that suits what you want. theres so many to choose from when you get the program and theres one people make too to add textures etc to drawings 🙂

      • Great. Thanks for the help.

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